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Customers value working with Gary for his:

Knowledge and credibility

Honesty and integrity

Deep and broad industry experience


Communication skills .

What our customers say


Adds value in a way that you understand

If you’re looking for somebody who is capable of genuinely adding value in a way that you understand, that takes L&D forward in your organization, then Gary’s perfect for that. He’s got a very broad spectrum of knowledge, including HR, and a lot of experience. And he has a great nature to go with it. Why wouldn’t you want to work with somebody like that? It’s actually fun working with him. And he gets results,”


Edmund Monk,

CEO, Learning and Performance Institute (LPI)


An influencer and a great communicator

Gary is generous with his time and helps us with a variety of projects and initiatives. He’s a great sounding board in that he will give you a quick and honest opinion if you need it. He keeps up to date with what’s happening in the world of work and definitely has his finger on the pulse. He’s an influencer and a great communicator, plus he really knows his stuff.


Johanna Ratcliffe

Credibility in the field

Gary’s very reliable. He is very honest and open and if I asked him to do something, it will get done on time. He is very popular with clients and he’s got credibility in the field. I can rely on Gary to be on the ball and up to date and know what’s current. And that’s important.

Sheila Moore,



Fantastic attention to detail

Gary is a great programme director as well as a lecturer. He brings fantastic ‘attention to detail’ and preparation to his work. At the same time he is also great at connecting with his audience and making the material ‘come alive’ for them. His role as a HR Director brings a wealth of real time experience to everything he does.

Steve Munro,

Senior Consultant


Wide breadth of knowledge and experience

Gary is a great Trainer in HR and organisational development. He has a really wide breadth of knowledge and experience and delivers in a really fun and innovative way. When he delivered sessions for a Diversity Mentoring Programme for me he received the best evaluation from participants. I would highly recommend him.


Atiha Choudry,

Director, Equal Access Consultancy

Cutting edge practice into workable strategies

I have worked with Gary over several years and always find the experience to be valuable and inspiring. As a leading edge HR and OD practitioner and thinker Gary is able to convert concepts and cutting edge best practice into workable strategies, policies and procedures in his organisation.

David Reid

Owner, The Alexander Consultancy

A natural ability to think out of the box

I have worked with Gary over several years and always find the experience to be valuable and inspiring. As a leading edge HR and OD practitioner and thinker Gary is able to convert concepts and cutting edge best practice into workable strategies, policies and procedures in his organisation.

Sarah Peace

Instructional Designer, Robert Half

Someone who embraces innovation

If you’re looking for someone who embraces innovation and approaches problems in unique ways, I couldn’t recommend Gary & Epic HR highly enough. We worked together for several months, and I found him open, honest, generous with his time and willing to try unique and innovative approaches. Our work together has built the foundations of my training organisation and is a blueprint that will enable us to grow.


James Dean

Managing Director & Founder, HRC Online


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